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Emerging AI techniques will make possible new intelligent help features, such as ‘active help’ (interrupting the user when appropriate) and ‘back channel’ communication (allowing users to send a message to a help system). An investigation was conducted to determine whether these features would be useful. In the experiment, users of a job scheduling(More)
A multi-purpose digital test core utilizing programmable logic has been introduced [1,2] to implement many of the functions of traditional automated test equipment (ATE). While previous papers have described the theory, this paper quantifies the results and presents additional applications with improved methods operating up to 4.4Gpbs. The digital test core(More)
The elasticity of substitution between home and foreign goods is one of the most important parameters in international economics. The international macro literature, which is primarily concerned with short-run business cycle fluctuations, assigns a low value to this parameter. The international trade literature, which is more concerned with long-run changes(More)
Responses to questionnaires on teaching pathology to medical students from 71.6% of US medical schools indicate the following: (1) average class size continues to decrease; (2) in very few schools is instruction entirely interdisciplinary; (3) use of small-group teaching has increased slightly since 1982; (4) average curriculum time remains 250 hours per(More)
This paper presents a strategy for testing future generations of wafer-level packaged logic devices that have nanoscale I/O structures. The strategy assumes that the devices incorporate built-in self test (BIST) features so that only a subset of the functional I/O needs to be directly accessed during testing. A miniature tester is described that provides(More)
This paper develops an agent-based model to examine the emergent dynamic characteristics of fraud in organizations. In the model, individual heterogeneous agents, each of whom can have motive and opportunity to commit fraud and a pro-fraud attitude, interact with each other. This interaction provides a mechanism for cultural transmission through which(More)
Expertise in Corporate Tax Planning: The Issue Indentification Stage Author(s): Sarah E. Bonner, Jon S. Davis, Betty R. Jackson Source: Journal of Accounting Research, Vol. 30, Studies on Accounting and Taxation (1992), pp. 1-28 Published by: Blackwell Publishing on behalf of Accounting Research Center, Booth School of Business, University of Chicago Stable(More)