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Audio watermarking has been proved as a powerful tool against illegal manipulation of audio products. It is generally used as a multimedia copyright protection tool. In this paper, we propose an audio watermarking algorithm based on two mathematical functions: Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) and Singular Value Decomposition (SVD). These algorithms(More)
Automatic speech Recognition (ASR) is technology that allows a computer to identify the words that a person speaks into microphone or telephone. One of the most difficult problems for an automatic speech recognition system resides in dealing with noises. The performance of standard ASR systems using Normal Microphone (NM) degrades even if the ambience is(More)
— This paper proposes a wireless monitoring and control system for greenhouse based on Zigbee for solving the problems such as poor real time data acquisition, excessive manpower requirement and to overcome the shortcoming of the wired system such as complex wiring. Here we are going to make our own Visual Basic Software Web Server which will communicate(More)
This paper presents methods for automatic speech signal segmentation using neural network. Speech signal segmentation is carried out to form syllables. Syllable is a common unit for concatenative TTS systems. Concatenative TTS being using speech segments of recorded speech is natural as compare to Formant or Articulatory TTS systems. This TTS stores small(More)
— The Super-Resolution (SR) or High Resolution Image reconstructed from noisy, blurred and aliasing the low resolution image using techniques known as super-resolution reconstruction. This paper focuses on super resolution of images using different type of Enhancement of Image Quality in MATLAB Environment – Super-Resolution algorithms. The super-resolution(More)
It is extremely tough to make a machine which sounds identical to human. Hence the best text to speech (TTS) algorithm ever made sounds robotic, until and unless human speech itself is involved in it. But it is not possible to create a database of each and every word possible in any language. Syllable based Concatenative Speech Synthesis (CSS) leads to(More)
Among different methods of speech synthesis, Concatenative Speech Synthesis is widely used due to its naturalness and less signal processing requirement. But concatenative TTS has problems like requirement of large database and resulting spectral mismatch in output speech. In concatenative TTS position of syllable plays very important role while carrying(More)
The primary objective of this paper is to provide an overview of existing Concatenative Text-To-Speech synthesis techniques. Concatenative speech synthesis can be broadly categorized into three categories, Diphone Based, Corpus based and Hybrid. Diphone based speech synthesis relies on different signal processing techniques such as PSOLA, FD-PSOLA etc.(More)
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