J. S. Byrnes

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Didemnum sp. A is a colonial ascidian with rapidly expanding populations on the east and west coasts of North America. The origin of Didemum sp. A is unknown. Populations were first observed on the northeast coast of the U.S. in the late 1980s and on the west coast during the 1990s. It is currently undergoing a massive population explosion and is now a(More)
What Heidegger means by ‘freedom’ in Being and Time (henceforth ‘BT’) is somewhat mysterious: while the notion crops up repeatedly in the book, there is no dedicated section or study and the concept is repeatedly connected to a new and opaque idea, that of the ‘choice to choose oneself’. Yet the specificity of BT’s approach to freedom becomes apparent when(More)
The Dependency Model (DM) is a mathematically unsophisticated but useful and practical tool for measuring the effectiveness (reliability, availability, maintainability, efficiency, etc.) of a complex system. Contrary to classical models, the DM does not require arbitrarily chosen statistical distributions or expensive simulations for its application. The(More)
This article describes a model for incorporating outcomes measurement into a comprehensive, continuum-wide clinical practice improvement program developed at Lovelace Health Systems (Albuquerque, N.M.). Created in 1993, the Lovelace Episode of Care Program currently includes nine disease-specific multidisciplinary teams that are working to improve care by(More)
We investigate whether the completeness of a complete orthonormal sequence for L2(IT, 77) is preserved if the sequence is perturbed by multiplying a portion of it by a fixed function. For the particular sequence i(277)-1/2emxi we show that given any xb £ L°°(-77, 77), except lb = 0 a.e., there is a nontrivial portion of Í (2rr)-^ einx\ which will maintain(More)
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