J. S. Blouin

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The rapid release of prepared movements by a loud acoustic stimulus capable of eliciting a startle response has been termed the StartReact effect (Valls-Solé et al., 1999), and premotor reaction times (PMTs) of <70 ms are often observed. Two explanations have been given for these short latency responses. The subcortical storage and triggering hypothesis(More)
The cervical multifidus muscles insert onto the lower cervical facet capsules and the cervical facet joints are the source of pain in some chronic whiplash patients. Our goal was to determine if the cervical multifidus muscles were active during a simulated rear-end collision and a loud acoustic stimulus, and thereby assess whether they can contribute to(More)
Passive mechanical systems have been used in automotive seat design to reduce whiplash injuries, but these designs can only be optimized for a small range of occupant mass and impact severity. The overall goal of this work is to develop an actively controlled car seat that can reduce injurious kinematics during a rear impact for a large range of occupant(More)
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