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Visual Difference Predictor (VDP) models have played a key role in digital image applications such as the development of image quality metrics. However, little attention has been paid to their applicability to peripheral vision. Central (i.e., foveal) vision is extremely sensitive for the contrast detection of simple stimuli such as sinusoidal gratings, but(More)
The kinetic intermediate of RNase H is structured in a core region of the protein. To probe the role of this intermediate in the folding of RNase H, the folding kinetics of mutant proteins with altered native state stabilities were investigated. Mutations within the folding core destabilize the kinetic intermediate and slow refolding in a manner consistent(More)
PURPOSE Posture induced torsional eye movements have rarely been investigated. The current study made use of digital imaging technology to measure the cycloduction resulting from postural change. The effect of cycloduction on reading performance was also investigated. METHODS Thirty subjects were recruited and pictures of the right eye were captured using(More)
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