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A total of 114 patients with bronchogenic small cell anaplastic carcinoma and staged as having regional disease all underwent combination chemotherapy consisting of CCNU, cyclophosphamide, and methotrexate. They were randomized to receive either radiotherapy to the primary tumor and regional lymph nodes (4000 rad) or extensive radiotherapy, which included(More)
In a randomized, prospective trial from 1974-1978, 73 patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphomas in clinical Stage I or II were treated with extended field radiotherapy alone (RT) or RT plus adjuvant chemotherapy with vincristine, streptonigrin, cyclophosphamide and prednisone (RT + CT). With a median follow-up time of five years, 54% have relapsed in the RT(More)
The Bleomycin advantages are resumed with special reference to the use in combination with irradiation. More vigorous effect were seen in patients given Bleomycin one hour before irradiation twice to three times weekly than after irradiation alone. For head and neck tumours the effect of two weeks Bleomycin treatment alone showed 40 per cent distinct(More)
Treatment for 139 patients with squamous carcinomas in the floor of mouth and the lower alveolar ridge, which accounted for one-third of all patients with intra-oral cancer, are evaluated and classified after UICC and AJC's TNM recommendations retrospectively, for cancer staging and End Result Reporting. The figures include 50% women with tumours and in(More)
Since 1969, Bleomycin (BLM) has been used in three different ways at the Radium Centre in Copenhagen. First BLM given as the sole treatment led to complete regressions in 12% of 138 patients (12). Secondly BLM was used as simultaneous adjuvant in radiation therapy for 86 previously untreated patients, but 66% developed mucositis which disrupted the(More)