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Adult human mesenchymal stromal or stem cells (MSC) can differentiate into a variety of cell types and are candidate cellular therapeutics in regenerative medicine. Surprisingly, these cells also display multiple potent immunomodulatory capabilities, including allosuppression, making allogeneic cell therapy a possibility. The exact mechanisms involved in(More)
The ability of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) to suppress alloresponsiveness is poorly understood. Herein, an allogeneic mixed lymphocyte response was used as a model to investigate the mechanisms of MSC-mediated immunomodulation. Human MSC are demonstrated to express the immunosuppressive cytokines hepatocyte growth factor (HGF), interleukin (IL)-10 and(More)
Adult bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells offer the potential to open a new frontier in medicine. Regenerative medicine aims to replace effete cells in a broad range of conditions associated with damaged cartilage, bone, muscle, tendon and ligament. However the normal process of immune rejection of mismatched allogeneic tissue would appear to prevent(More)
A survey of Galactic gamma-ray sources at a median energy of ∼20 TeV has been performed using the Milagro Gamma Ray Observatory. Eight candidate sources of TeV emission are detected with pre-trials significance > 4.5σ in the region of Galactic longitude l ∈ [30◦, 220◦] and latitude b ∈ [−10◦, 10◦]. Four of these sources, including the Crab nebula and the(More)
A RP-HPLC method that allows the separation of several types of phenolic compounds present in grapes and wines by direct injection of samples, using a binary gradient with solvents free of salts and photodiode array detection is described. Results show that more than 15 different phenolic molecules with antioxidant properties (flavan-3-ols, anthocyanins,(More)
Milagro is a water Cerenkov extensive air shower array that continuously monitors the entire overhead sky in the TeV energy band. The results from an analysis of 3 yr of data (2000 December–2003 November) are presented. The data have been searched for steady point sources of TeV gamma rays between declinations of 1 .1 and 80 . Two sources are detected, the(More)
A HPLC method that allows the separation of several anthocyanins present in red grapes and red wines, using a linear gradient of acetonitrile in water at pH 1.3, using perchloric acid as an acid modifier, is described. Data clearly show that the anthocyanins profile of red grapes may be complex, but quite different for each cultivar studied. Thus, those(More)
The diffuse gamma radiation arising from the interaction of cosmic ray particles with matter and radiation in the Galaxy is one of the few probes available to study the origin of the cosmic rays. Milagro is a water Cherenkov detector that continuously views the entire overhead sky. The large field-of-view combined with the long observation time makes(More)
We present the result of a search of the Milagro sky map for spatial correlations with sources from a subset of the recent Fermi Bright Source List (BSL). The BSL consists of the 205 most significant sources detected above 100 MeV by the Fermi Large 1 Department of Physics and Astronomy, Michigan State University, 3245 BioMedical Physical Sciences Building,(More)