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  • J Ruiz
  • Journal of esthetic and restorative dentistry…
  • 2005
UNLABELLED The treatment of traumatic injuries can be difficult, especially when the patient's expectations are too high or unreasonable. Such cases require extremely clear communication with the patient before beginning the case, including an explanation of the final results, based on the patient's goals. Taking over a case from another colleague adds more(More)
Cavity liners have traditionally been used in direct and indirect restorations for purposes such as promoting reparative dentin and neutralizing acids. Today, liners are used when resin composites are used as the restorative materials on the posterior teeth, but for a different reason. Clinically, liners are considered to decrease sensitivity and wet the(More)
As a profession, we must remember that tooth replacement is not a luxury; it is often a necessity for health reasons. Although bone augmentation and CBCT and expensive surgical guides are often indicated for complex cases, they are being overused. Simple or straightforward implant cases, when there is sufficient natural bone for narrow or shorter implant,(More)