J. Rosselló

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We hypothesize that linguistic (dis-)organization in the schizophrenic brain plays a more central role in the pathogenesis of this disease than commonly supposed. Against the standard view, that schizophrenia is a disturbance of thought or selfhood, we argue that the origins of the relevant forms of thought and selfhood at least partially depend on(More)
(2015) The image of mind in the language of children with autism. While it is widely agreed today that autism involves a cognitive change (Baron-Cohen, 1988), the main psychological models have put the explanatory weight on changes in such non-linguistic neurocognitive variables as " theory of mind " (ToM), weak central coherence, or executive functioning.(More)
Delusions are widely believed to reflect disturbed cognitive function, but the nature of this remains elusive. The "un-Cartesian" cognitive-linguistic hypothesis maintains (a) that there is no thought separate from language, that is, there is no distinct mental space removed from language where "thinking" takes place; and (b) that a somewhat broadened(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS To study the origin of fat excess in the livers of morbidly obese (MO) individuals, we analysed lipids and lipases in both plasma and liver and genes involved in lipid transport, or related with, in that organ. METHODS Thirty-two MO patients were grouped according to the absence (healthy: DM - DL -) or presence of comorbidities(More)
RADStation3G is a software platform for cardiovascular image analysis and surgery planning. It provides image visualization and management in 2D, 3D and 3D+t; data storage (images or operational results) in a PACS (using DICOM); and exploitation of patients' data such as images and pathologies. Further, it provides support for computationally expensive(More)
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