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The geometry of a 3D octahedral parallel robot manipulator system is specified in terms of two rigid octahedral structures (the fixed and moving platforms) and six actuation legs. The symmetry of the system is exploited to determine the behaviour of (a new version of) the quality index for various motions. The main results are presented graphically.
William Kingdon Clifford was an English mathematician and philosopher who worked extensively in many branches of pure mathematics and classical mechanics. Although he died young, he left a deep and long-lasting legacy, particularly in geometry. One of the main achievements that he is remembered for is his pioneering work on integrating Hamilton’s Elements(More)
This paper describes research into the kinematic robustness of autonomous robotic systems. Kinematic structures typical of those employed in the manipulation and locomotion elements of planetary exploration vehicles are represented using Graph Theory techniques, extended by the novel concept of the Constraints Matrix. This replaces the elements (zeroes and(More)
This paper describes new research into the kinematic structure of autonomous robotic systems, and into the associated design processes. The approach aims to develop novel insights and applicable tools and techniques for designing advanced mechanical architectures for planetary exploration systems. These should provide enhanced functionality for tackling(More)
A study of a prefix routing cache for Internet IP routing is presented. An output port assignment requires one cache memory access when the assignment is found in cache. The cache array is divided into sets that are of variable size; all entries within a set have the same prefix size. The cache is based on a ternary content addressable memory that matches(More)
A lattice of geometries is presented and compared for representing some geometrical aspects of the kinematic design of robot systems and subsystems Three geometries (set theory, topology and projective geometry) are briefly explored in more detail in the context of three geometric configurations in robotics (robot groupings, robot connectivities and robot(More)
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