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Two large-scale mass mortality events (MMEs) of unprecedented extent and severity affecting rocky benthic communities occurred during the summers of 1999 and 2003 along the coasts of the NW Mediterranean Sea. These mortality outbreaks were associated with positive thermal anomalies. In this study, we performed an analysis of inter-regional and inter-annual(More)
A comparative study of canine testicular tumors in descended and cryptorchid testes was performed in order to associate pathologic features with clinical signs. Observation on 80 canine testicular tumors revealed the following distribution: in undescended testes, 4 tumors were classified as Seminomas (mean age: 8.8 +/- 3 years) and 14 as Sertoli cell tumors(More)
The São Paulo Metropolitan area (SPMA) is characterized as having one of the worst air pollution problems in Brazil, with frequent violations of air quality standards for particulate matter. This paper presents the results of a receptor model source apportionment study carried out to develop a quantitative database on which a control strategy could be(More)
Experiments were conducted on the calcareous red alga, Corallina elongata, a species representative of shallow water vegetal cover in Mediterranean areas with biomass ranging from 820 to 2544 gDW.m-2, in order to estimate its productivity and calcification rates. Carbonate and oxygen budgets were estimated on samples incubated in situ under natural light(More)
The occurrence of high ozone levels in the atmosphere of urban areas has become a serious pollution problem in a number of large cities in the world. Although mathematical models have been proposed for predicting ozone concentrations as a function of a number of gas components, sometimes there are uncertainties due to lack of the combined effects of(More)
This study aims to analyse the surface sediment of Batroun coastal area in North Lebanon in order to reveal the integrating impact of Selaata chemical plant on its biological properties. Sediment samples were collected with cores by diving at 12 stations in summer period between mid July and beginning of August 2003. The values of the hydobiological(More)
The localization and brain stem projections of neurons innervating the carotid sinus of the dog were studied by horseradish peroxidase histochemistry following microinjection of wheat germ agglutinin-horseradish peroxidase (WGA-HRP) under the adventitia of the carotid sinus. Within the brain stem, labeled afferent fibers and presumptive terminals were found(More)
The lower respiratory tract of the sheep was studied by light-microscopical immunocytochemistry for serotonin, cholecystokinin, somatostatin, bombesin and calcitonin during different periods of lung development; embryonic, foetal and postnatal. At embryonic period only intraepithelial serotonin-containing cells as solitary neuroendocrine cells (NEC) and(More)
The sheep pulmonary intraepithelial APUD system was studied by histochemical, immunocytochemical, and electron microscopy techniques during different periods of lung development: embryonic, fetal (pseudoglandular, canalicular, and alveolar), and postnatal. The cells of the ovine pulmonary intraepithelial APUD system were found randomly distributed(More)