J. Rodríguez

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The HP-ASD technology has experienced a huge development in the last decade. This can be appreciated by the large number of recently introduced drive configurations on the market. In addition, many industrial applications are reaching MV operation and megawatt range or have experienced changes in requirements on efficiency, performance, and power quality,(More)
The Optical, Spectroscopic, and Infrared Remote Imaging System OSIRIS is the scientific camera system onboard the Rosetta spacecraft (Figure 1). The advanced high performance imaging system will be pivotal for the success of the Rosetta mission. OSIRIS will detect 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko from a distance of more than 10 6 km, characterise the comet shape(More)
The influence of pH on growth, enterocin P production and glucose consumption by Enterococcus faecium P13 was studied during anaerobic batch fermentation in MRS broth at 32 °C in a fermentor. Growth and glucose consumption were maximal at pH 7.0. Enterocin P production displayed primary metabolite kinetics and was strongly dependent on pH. A maximum(More)
Underground mining is characterized by space constraints forcing the use of long cables to feed large machines, where the application of variable speed drives can generate overvoltages at the machine terminals. This paper presents the analysis and mitigation of harmful overvoltages detected in inverter-fed 1400-hp 13.8-kV motors used for air ventilation in(More)
High-power pulsewidth-modulated inverters for medium-voltage applications operate at switching frequencies below 1 kHz to keep the dynamic losses of the power devices at a permitted level. Also, the sampling rate of the digital signal processing system is then low, which introduces considerable signal delays. These have adverse effects on the dynamics of(More)
This paper presents an overview analysis and a discussion of field experience with different drive configurations used in shovel applications. The analysis includes different drive topologies, shovel duty cycles for a typical truck pass loading, and energy regeneration capabilities. Special attention is given to the interaction between the high power shovel(More)
A novel time discrete control strategy applied to a Matrix Converter that drives an AC machine is presented. The strategy features the advantages of the Direct Torque Control and the Predictive Control, verifying its robustness through out the analysis of its behavior under an unbalanced AC supply. The high performance of the predictive control is based on(More)
 The aim of this study was to compare the results of a commercial assay based on the ligase chain reaction [(LCR) LCx Probe System MTB; Abbott, USA] with those of culture in liquid medium (Septi-Chek AFB; Becton-Dickinson, USA) and culture on the egg-based Löwenstein-Jensen solid medium for the direct detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in(More)
In this paper a high performance torque and flux control strategy for multilevel inverter fed induction motor drives is presented. The control method is based on direct torque control operating principles. The stator voltage vector reference is computed from the stator flux error imposed by the torque controller. This voltage reference is then generated(More)