J. Rodríguez

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Sociable humanoid robots should be able to coexist with humans in human environments, where they will very likely have to face unexpected disturbance forces. In this paper, an online ankle-hip control strategy is presented that allows a standing biped robot to withstand a force in the mediolateral direction, using foot force-sensor and accelerometer(More)
In this paper a method for generating Oriented Bounding Boxes (OBB) using genetic algorithms (GA) is proposed. OBBs are used in a hierarchy of bounding volumes to detect collisions between objects. Currently, the most used method for generating OBBs is based on the covariance matrix (CV) of the points of the model, but it has many flaws and in most cases(More)
Warping techniques can be complicated and difficult to use, but through the use of fluid dynamics the warping becomes simple and it is intuitively controlled by physical properties such as viscosity and forces. These properties are naturally associated with the image itself or with spatial control handles. The key idea is to think of the image domain as a(More)
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