J Rodineau

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Tendinitis and tenosynovitis of the wrist are often encountered in daily medical practice. This frequency is due to the long course of the tendons over the wrist, to the role played by these tendons in the mobilization and stabilization of that joint and to overuse of the hand in daily life as well as in professional and sporting activities. In their common(More)
There are several types of lesions of the talus, including non united fractures and true osteochondritis in adolescents. This article focuses on lesions of the dome of the talus having a large subchondral necrotic zone. The etiology of these lesions is unclear. Even when they result from trauma, this may not be the sole cause. Thirty-three similar cases(More)
The authors have observed 23 cases of painful and unstable shoulders in athlets which could be related to unknown recurrent dislocations. The diagnosis was based on a radiological study demonstrating a deformity of the humeral upper extremity and of the glenoid. The patients were incapacited and had often been treated for "tendinitis". Most of the cases(More)
OBJECTIVE To review the literature on sprained ankle in children. We can describe our clinical experience but not statistical analysis because of the few cases. MATERIALS AND METHODS We searched MedLine with sprain, ankle, children, talo-fibular ligament, ligament injury as key words. RESULTS We found few and no results from a prospective or randomized(More)
The authors have compared the results obtained in 76 cases of rupture of the tendo Achillis treated conservatively with a previously published series of cases treated surgically. The same assessment of the results was used. The main complication of surgical treatment was skin necrosis; the main complication of conservative treatment was recurrent rupture.(More)
A study of 65 cases of Achilles tendinitis treated surgically has allowed us to define the specific symptomatology of the lesion which particularly affects young athletes. Surgical treatment should only be given for high-level athletes who are well-motivated and in whom tendinitis prevents their sporting activity and has proved resistant to prolonged and(More)