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BACKGROUND A tactile display to increase an astronaut's situational awareness during an extravehicular activity (EVA) has been developed and ground tested. The Tactor Locator System (TLS) is a non-intrusive, intuitive display capable of conveying position and velocity information via a vibrotactile stimulus applied to the subject's neck and torso. In the(More)
A computational and experimental method is employed to provide an understanding of a critical human space flight problem, posture control following reduced gravity exposure. In the case of an emergency egress, astronauts' postural stability could be life saving. It is hypothesized that muscular gains are lowered during reduced gravity exposure, causing a(More)
The habitation, development, and exploration of lunar and martian environments will require a human and equipment surface transport vehicle. Although a human surface transport vehicle was designed and used on the Apollo missions, the capabilities required to support the build-up, maintenance, and exploration activities associated with a prolonged stay on(More)
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