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Reflectance confocal microscopy (RCM) is a powerful tool to visualize the skin layers at cellular resolution. The epidermal layer appears as a honeycomb pattern, whose regularity decreases with age. Our aim is to provide a method to automatically quantify the regularity of the honeycomb pattern. The proposed strategy relies on a cell-level supervised(More)
Human skin is subject to frequent changes in ambient temperature and humidity and needs to cope with these environmental modifications. To decipher the molecular response of human skin to repeated climatic change, a versatile model of skin equivalent subject to "hot-wet" (40°C, 80% relative humidity [RH]) or "cold-dry" (10°C, 40% RH) climatic stress(More)
BACKGROUND An accurate way to determine skin pigmentation is to acquire the spectral reflectance of a skin sample and to quantify chromophores by reverse calculation from physical models of light propagation. Therefore, we tested a new hyperspectral imaging device and software suite, the SpectraCam® system, and evaluated its accuracy to quantify skin(More)
Membrane lipid raft model has long been debated, but recently the concept of lipid submicrometric domains has emerged to characterize larger (micrometric) and more stable lipid membrane domains. Such domains organize signaling platforms involved in normal or pathological conditions. In this study, adhering human keratinocytes were investigated for their(More)
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