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Fifteen healthy, untrained male subjects (mean age ±SD, 22±5 years) were used to examine the plasticity of myosin heavy chain phenotype, size, oxidative capacity and capillarization of skeletal muscle fibre types with short-term electrical stimulation (ES). Ten subjects were electro-stimulated on both quadriceps muscles with a frequency of 45–60 Hz, with 12(More)
To determine whether mechanical ventilation (MV) may affect blood lactate concentration in patients with acute respiratory failure. Prospective observational study with follow-up to hospital discharge. A 17-bed medical and coronary intensive care unit in a 650-bed general hospital. 55 adult patients mechanically ventilated for acute respiratory failure(More)
Fifty human temporal bones from necropsies were used to study the frequency of canal dehiscences in detail along the course of the facial nerve. Specifically, the study focused on bony dehiscences in the fallopian canal and vascular communications between the facial nerve and the surrounding bone. High frequency of dehiscences at the oval window (60%) and(More)
A retrospective epidemiological and histopathological review was made of 258 patients. Forty had laryngeal polyps, 35 vocal fold nodules, and 41 Reinke edema. One hundred forty-two records were excluded for lack of epidemiological or histopathological data. No dysplastic changes were observed in nodules or polyps. One patient with edema had mild dysplasia.(More)
Histological analysis of the human vocal folds, focused particularly on the lamina propria of the vocal muscle of fetuses, infants, and adults in horizontal laryngeal sections, allowed us to show the differences in morphology and composition according to the laryngeal development. Our results indicate that the origin of the vocal fold is independent of the(More)
In this paper we present the design of an IEEE-488.2 (GPIB) system which uses a wireless infrared link. The wireless link provided mobiIity into laboratories where GPIB instrumentation is used. The data transmission is by serial link. This type of systems presents some advantages over conventional cable systems. Besides, when we use IRED, the radiation is(More)
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