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Built-in self-test (BIST) strategies require the implementation of efficient test pattern generators (TPG) which allow the excitation and observation of potential faults in the circuit. Arithmetic additive TPGs (AdTPG) allow existing internal datapaths to be reused to perform this operation without a penalty in the circuit area. AdTPGs are configured by(More)
Arithmetic additive test pattern generators (AdTPGs) are now being proposed as an alternative to linear feedback shift registers (LFSRs) because of their reduced area overhead impact. As in the case of LFSRs, the compactness of the information required in memory and the test generation time needed to achieve a specified fault coverage level (FC) have a(More)
A comparison is presented between different algorithms for direct (non-iterative) accelerated solution of the Method of Moments. The alternatives are common block LU factorization and Compressed Block Decomposition (CBD), and their respective nested, or Multi Scale (MS) implementations. The comparison includes theoretical considerations and numerical(More)
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