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The last years of the twentieth century and the first years of the third millennium have been a critical time in the teaching of Gross Anatomy. In the present work the authors report and analyse the reasons why Gross Anatomy lost importance as a major subject in medical teaching in the last century, basing their arguments on the data found in the(More)
In order to elucidate the response of somatotropic cells to the influence of gonadal steroids on the regulation of growth hormone secretory patterns, a morphometric analysis was carried out on the GH-immunoreactive cells of adult male rats treated chronically with intramuscular injections of estradiol valerate. The morphometric and morphological results(More)
The annular gap junctions in the cuboidal ependymocytes of the median eminence of rats were studied after intraventricular administration (3rd ventricle) of methysergide and thyrotropin releasing hormone. Isolated annular gap junctions were found in the ependymocytes of normal animals. In experimental rats an increase was observed in the number of annular(More)
A qualitative and quantitative study of the apical surface of the superficial cells of the rat urinary bladder was made when the bladder was in states of contraction and distension. The study was performed with the scanning electron microscope. Qualitatively, no significant changes were observed with respect to the regional cell topography analyzed (fundus,(More)
The present review addresses the most relevant applications developed using the Visible Human Project. We describe the origins of the Project and the procedure used for the collection of anatomical images of the cadavers from a man and a woman. Thousands of sections from these cadavers have been used in different ways, ranging from the generation of(More)
This study presents a computer-based tool for three-dimensional (3D) visualization of the optic pathway and oculomotor system using 3D high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) datasets from a healthy subject. The 3D models were built as wireframe grids co-registered with MRI sections. First, 3D anatomical models were generated of the visual pathway(More)
The TSH-producing adenohypohyseal cells of Wistar rats were studied after treatment with orally administered methymazole by the PAP immunocytochemical method. These cells were compared with those of normal animals. The effects of methymazole were different in the females to those observed in males. In both sexes, the numerical density (number of TSH cells(More)
The presence and distribution of NADPH-diaphorase (ND) neurons as well as tyrosine hydroxylase-immunoreactive (TH) neurons in the hypothalamus are well established. Previous studies have shown the coexistence of ND with neuroactive substances such as calbindin, somatostatin, vasopressin and oxytocin in neurons of this region of the brain. As the(More)