J. Rickenbacher

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Cholinesterase activity was investigated in the heart of the developing chick from the 6th to 20th day of incubation. The earliest cholinesterase-positive nerve cells and fibers could be demonstrated between the 7th and 9th day. On the 13th day the nervous structure attained full development comparable with that seen in the hatched chicken. The number of(More)
By means of histochemical techniques different reactions were studied in the amnion musculature of the chick during their most active period of contractions between the 5th and the 9th days of incubation. The muscle cells showed strong activity for cholinesterase and glutamate dehydrogenase and low activity for monoaminoxidase. The glycogen, phosphorylase(More)
I. Einleitung Nachdem v. MdLLE~I)OI~FF 1939 festgestellt hatte, dab Sexualhormone in Fibrocytenkulturen Mitosest6rungen bewirken, untersuehte T6~I)tucY (1940--1947) eingehend die Wirkung dieser Stoffe auf die frfihen Entwieklungsstadien yon Amphibienkeimen. Neben Sch~digungen der Zellteilungst~tigkeit fand er auch davon unabhi~ngige St6rungen der(More)