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Monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) were obtained against purified thymocyte membrane extracts. Five MAbs TA3, TB1, TB6 (IgG1), TC4, and TA1 (IgG2a), were tested by immunofluorescence and by immunoperoxidase tests against normal cells from different organs, Marek's disease (MD) cell lines, and MD tumoral cells from chickens. Three of them, TA3, TB1, and TB6,(More)
Pure orellanine extracted from the mushroomCortinarius orellanus is highly toxic in mice both when given intraperitoneally (LD50=12.5 mg/kg) or per os (LD50 =90 mg/kg). The kidneys of mice injected i.p. with orellanine show similar tubular necrosis to that obtained with whole mushroom given per os. This demonstrates that orellanine is the true, principal(More)
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