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We compared the electrophysiological effects of a new amiodarone-like agent, SR 33589, with those of amiodarone. Mongrel dogs were anesthetized with chloralose, and electrodes were implanted in right atrium and ventricle for electrical stimulation and regional ECG measurement. Sinus cycle length (CL), AH interval, Wenckebach CL (WCL), atrial,(More)
We review the density matrix formalism and the positivity conditions for general multiple spin asymmetries, taking as an example the case p̄ + p → Λ + Λ in which one, two or three spins are analyzed. Some aspects related to quantum information and entangled states are discussed. Some positivity domains for pairs and triplets of spin parameters are(More)
Venous thromboembolism after total hip replacement continues to be a serious problem. We conducted a study to determine whether adjustment of the dose of subcutaneous heparin to yield partial thromboplastin times in the high-normal range results in a greater reduction of postoperative deep-vein thrombosis than fixed doses of heparin. Seventy-nine patients(More)
The physics of charm has become one of the best laboratories exposing the limitations of the naive constituent quark model and also giving hints into a more mature description of meson spectroscopy, beyond the simple quark–antiquark configurations. In this talk we review some recent studies of multiquark components in the charm sector and discuss in(More)
All patients who had cataract surgery at the Schieffelin Leprosy Research and Training Centre, Karigiri, India, between January 1979 and April 1985 were studied to find out the outcome of that surgery. These patients included 291 leprosy cases and 89 nonleprosy cases. Postoperative complications were slightly higher among leprosy patients compared to the(More)
The various aspects of antiproton physics are shortly reviewed, and its relevance for the possible discovery of new particles and effects is pointed out. Then a survey of the nucleon-antinucleon interactions is given. In the nucleon-antinucleon annihilations, there is a big amount of experimental data that call for theoretical explanation. Importance of(More)