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With the increased sophistication of both computers and optimization software, linear programming problems of a size inconceivable to solve only a few years ago are now readily accessible. As model size and complexity increase, the issue of feasibility becomes a major issue in model development. This thesis explores the analysis of linear programming(More)
Vertices x and y dominate a tournament T if for all vertices z 6 = x; y; either x beats z or y beats z. Let dom(T) be the graph on the vertices of T with edges between pairs of vertices that dominate T. We show dom(T) is either an odd cycle with possible pendant vertices or a forest of caterpillars. Since dom(T) is the complement of the competition graph of(More)
In the present study we compared the clinical presentations of patients with a clinical diagnosis of AIDS and disseminated Mycobacterium genavense infection (n = 12) with those of patients with AIDS and disseminated M. avium complex (MAC) infection (n = 24). Abdominal pain was seen more frequently in the group of patients infected with M. genavense than in(More)
A tournament T is arc-traceable when each arc of the tournament is a part of a hamiltonian path. We characterize arc-traceable upset tournaments and show that this property is independent of the number of hamiltonian paths in such tournaments. We show that non-arc-traceable tournaments have a specific structure, and give several sufficient conditions for(More)
OBJECTIVES The urethral trauma after catheterization with intermittent catheters was studied histologically using unconscious rabbits. SETTING The study was performed at Astra Hässle, Mölndal, Sweden. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifteen rabbits were randomized into five groups (three rabbits in each group), one control group and four groups catheterized with(More)
The competition graph of a loopless symmetric digraph If is the rwo-.\rc'p grclph. S,(H). Necessary and sufficient conditions on If are given for S,(ff) to be interval or unit interval. These are useful properties when application requires that the competition graph be efficiently colorable. Computational aspects are discussed. as are related open problems.(More)