J Richard Elliott

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Cluster integrals are evaluated for the coefficients of the combined temperature- and density-expansion of pressure: Z = 1 + B2(β) η + B3(β) η(2) + B4(β) η(3) + ⋯, where Z is the compressibility factor, η is the packing fraction, and the B(i)(β) coefficients are expanded as a power series in reciprocal temperature, β, about β = 0. The methodology is(More)
Recent analyses of the third and fourth order perturbation contributions to the equations of state for square well spheres and Lennard-Jones chains show trends that persist across orders and molecular models. In particular, the ratio between orders (e.g., A3/A2, where A(i) is the ith order perturbation contribution) exhibits a peak when plotted with respect(More)
  • Peter, Peter Ahlström, Karel Aim, Ralf Dohrn, J Richard Elliott, George Jackson +7 others
  • 2010
He holds a Ph.D. (1987) and Dr.Sci. (1997) from the same university. His studies in the area of molecular thermody-namics are focused on phase equilibria modeling, macroscopic behavior, and structure of soft matter, and self-assembly on nanoscale (branching micelles, asphaltenes, ion-exchange membranes, block copolymer gels, etc.). Ljudmila Fele Žilnik(More)
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