J. Richard Elliott

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1. The whole-cell patch-clamp technique was used to investigate the characteristics of two types of sodium current (INa) recorded at room temperature from small diameter (13-25 microns) dorsal root ganglion (DRG) cells, isolated from adult rats and maintained overnight in culture. 2. Sodium currents were isolated pharmacologically. Internal Cs+ and external(More)
1. Whole-cell and single-channel Na+ currents were recorded from small (ca. 20 micron diameter) cells isolated from adult rat dorsal root ganglia (DRG). Currents were classified by their sensitivity to 0.3 microM tetrodotoxin (TTX), electrophysiological properties and single-channel amplitude. Cells were classified according to the types of current recorded(More)
Monophasic compound action potentials were recorded from Rana sciatic nerves. Three distinct peaks were observed and designated A alpha, A delta and C. All peaks were abolished by replacement of the external medium with Na(+)-free solution. However, the C peak alone was unaffected by external application of 1 microM tetrodotoxin (TTX), both A peaks were(More)
We determined the effects of carbamazepine and phenytoin, anticonvulsant drugs used to treat neuropathic pain, on the heterogeneous population of Na+ channels in patch-clamped small cells from adult rat dorsal root ganglia. Both fast tetrodotoxin-sensitive (TTX-S) and slow TTX-resistant (TTX-R) currents were inhibited by 10-100 microM drug. TTX-R currents(More)
The effects of low and clinically relevant concentrations of inhalation anaesthetics and related compounds on the firing behaviour of nerve axons from a number of species are described. The observation of substantial, if sometimes transient, changes in excitability is contrasted with the view that axonal ion channels are insensitive to many general(More)
Besides the fast tetrodotoxin-sensitive Na+ current, small dorsal root ganglion neurones of rats also possess a slower tetrodotoxin-resistant Na+ current. The blocking effect of commonly used local anaesthetics upon the tetrodotoxin-resistant Na+ current was investigated in the present paper. Dorsal root ganglia were dissected from adult rats and cells were(More)
iii CIP I am sincerely indebted to the dozens of current and retired employees of NASA who consented to be interviewed and submitted their personal experiences, recollections, and files from which this documentation of Langley contributions was drawn. The following active and retired Langley personnel contributed vital information to this effort: I would(More)
Neuropathic pain may result from sustained firing of sensory neurones. The questions are what initiates and what stops that firing? Spontaneous firing of a modified Hodgkin-Huxley model axon is induced here by: (1) a depolarizing shift in the K+ channel activation parameter; and (2) a positive change in the K+ equilibrium potential. The duration and pattern(More)