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The effect of cisplatin on plasma peptide YY (PYY) and 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) concentrations was determined in conscious dogs (n = 6 per group) pretreated with either saline, or the 5-HT3-receptor antagonists ondansetron or granisetron. Cisplatin (3.0 mg kg-1, i.v.) caused emesis (18.8 +/- 2.9 episodes; 75-284 min) and significantly increased the mean(More)
This study was performed to compare the effects of hydrocolloid(Duoderm, HC in this study) and hydrogel (Nu-Gel, HG in this study) occlusive dressing materials on degree of exudate, wound contraction, epithelialization, and healing of full-thickness skin wounds in dogs. Three wounds measuring 2Ý2 cm in size were created bilaterally(6 wounds/ dog) on the(More)
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