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Two hundred and eight patients were anaesthetised using incremental doses of intravenous alphaxalone/alphadolone (Althesin). Analgesia was provided by supplements of pentazocine, which also helped eliminate the excessive movements associated with pure Althesin anaesthesia. This is a total intravenous technique and consequently eliminates the problem of(More)
A double-blind, parallel group study using flumazenil and placebo was carried out to determine whether patients who received flumazenil would awake more quickly and whether this drug would reverse the protection conferred by midazolam on the psychic sequelae of ketamine. Fifty female patients were studied. The results showed that there was a significant(More)
An anaesthetic technique suitable for military field anaesthesia was sought which would attenuate the psychic side effects of ketamine. Heavy premedication with 30 mg of papaveretum and induction of anaesthesia with Althesin were evaluated. A combination of the two lowered the incidence of side effects, but they still occurred frequently enough to pose(More)