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This grant funded a summer internship that provided an opportunity for me to gain invaluable undergraduate research experience and the chance to broaden my knowledge in the field of behavioral neuroscience. Thus I am incredibly grateful. I would specifically like to thank my Academic and Thesis Advisor, Dr. Joe Schroeder, for all of the knowledge, effort,(More)
Percentages of correctly imitated grammatical constructions were examined within a framework of reinforcement theory. Four small treatment groups, each of 4 language-delayed children, were repeatedly observed interacting with different student-clinicians. The Therapy Reinforcement Schedule was used to obtain frequency counts of verbal and non-verbal(More)
Using custom circuitry, a higher level of performance has been achieved for a new implementation of the Scalable Processor Architecture (SPARC). A CY601 processor (integer unit), running at a clock rate of 25-33 MHz, implements the complete set of SPARC instructions in a 0.8- mu m CMOS technology. An overview is given of the processor chip and its interface(More)
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