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Organic aerosol (OA) particles affect climate forcing and human health, but their sources and evolution remain poorly characterized. We present a unifying model framework describing the atmospheric evolution of OA that is constrained by high-time-resolution measurements of its composition, volatility, and oxidation state. OA and OA precursor gases evolve by(More)
  • T Raatikainen, P Vaattovaara, P Tiitta, P Miettinen, J Rautiainen, M Ehn +3 others
  • 2010
An Aerodyne quadrupole aerosol mass spectrometer (Q-AMS) was deployed in Hyytiälä, a forested rural measurement site in southern Finland, during a 2-week measurement campaign in spring 2005. Q-AMS measures mass concentrations of non-refractory species including sulphate, nitrate, ammonium and organics from submicron particles. A positive matrix(More)
Psoriasin is a small calcium-binding protein first found in psoriatic lesions and also up-regulated in other inflammatory skin diseases and cancer tissues. Psoriasin is also present in the fetal epithelial cells. Its biological function is unclear, but there is both in vitro and in vivo evidence for its chemokine-like activity. The aim of the present study(More)
24 students, who participated in a summer session mathematics enrichment program, viewed subliminally presented messages. Prior to each class, the experimental group of 16 viewed a subliminally presented psychoanalytic merging message and the control group of 8 viewed a neutral message. After 20 sessions students were retested. Experimental students had(More)
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