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A consecutive series of 85 stress radiographic examinations was performed in order to evaluate the clinical reliability and use of stress radiography in disclosing acute knee ligament injuries. Eighty-three examinations were performed within one week of the injury. Sagittal stress examination discovered 27% of the 37 anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears(More)
Two cases of total occlusion of the right pulmonary artery 22 and 28 years after mediastinal irradiation are presented. The first patient is alive 29 years after the radiation therapy, and the second patient died of heart failure 31 years after the therapy. This very rare complication is one cause of radiological unilateral hyperlucent lung syndrome. The(More)
Renal blood flow measurements in three regions of each kidney were carried out in eighteen hypertensive patients using the radioactive Xenon-133 washout technique in conjunction with renal angiography. It was found that the regional differences were generally small but differences existed in four patients significant in spite of normal angiographic(More)
In the literature reviewed, only two articles were found describing lymphographical changes caused by metastases of malignant adrenal tumours. A patient with anaplastic carcinoma of the suprarenal gland is presented here. In this patient, postoperative retroperitoneal lymphography with control films was of vital importance for the planning of post-operative(More)
A list of methods of semiselective renal angiography is presented. One of these methods is described. A series of 151 semiselective and 41 aortorenal angiographies is analyzed. The results are evaluated by comparing the visualization of the peripheral renal arteries and by comparing the opacification of other cranial branches of the abdominal aorta.(More)
The effects of digoxin on the contractility of orthotopically transplanted heart was studied in dogs. Intravenously administered digoxin produced a fall in the rate and output of the transplanted heart without any change in stroke volume, whereas the output of the intact heart was slightly improved due to a small increase of stroke volume. This difference(More)