J. Rath

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Establishing a reliable correspondence between lesioned brains and a template is challenging using current normalization techniques. The optimum procedure has not been conclusively established, and a critical dichotomy is whether to use input data sets which contain skull signal, or whether skull signal should be removed. Here we provide a first(More)
Despite there being an increasing number of installations of ultra high field MR systems (>3T) in clinical environments, no functional patient investigations have yet examined possible benefits for functional diagnostics. Here we performed presurgical localization of the primary motor hand area on 3T and 7T Siemens scanners with identical investigational(More)
Growing interest in converting biomass to renewable energies has led to a considerable expansion of maize cultivation in Germany to provide substrate for anaerobic digestion, producing methane for heat and electricity generation. For decades, maize has been bred for human and livestock nutrition as well as industrial purposes, but not for biomethanization.(More)
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