J. Rasmussen

K. Søegaard1
H. Høgh-Jensen1
J. Eriksen1
K. Pirhofer-Walzl1
1K. Søegaard
1H. Høgh-Jensen
1J. Eriksen
1K. Pirhofer-Walzl
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Methane (CH4), a highly potent greenhouse gas, has repeatedly been identified as a significant contributor to global warming. In this connection, ruminants, animals that produce large quantities of methane, have been singled out as an area for reduction with regard to their emissions to the atmosphere. In an analysis of recently published data, we identify(More)
We carried out field experiments to investigate if an agricultural grassland mixture comprising shallow- (perennial ryegrass: Lolium perenne L.; white clover: Trifolium repens L.) and deep- (chicory: Cichorium intybus L.; Lucerne: Medicago sativa L.) rooting grassland species has greater herbage yields than a shallow-rooting two-species mixture and pure(More)
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