J. Ranga Rao

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Traditional herbal cures and remedies have played an important historical role in the treatment of a variety of illnesses and diseases in Northern Ireland for the last three hundred years. Recently, these have been reviewed in the publication by Linda Ballard from the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum at Cultra, Co. Down, which details the variety of local(More)
New variants of pathogenic fungal viruses are emerging and they are enigmatic in revealing their molecular identity and of their origin. Double-stranded RNAs, some in non-encapsidated forms are increasingly becoming causal agents for sporadic diseases and are consistently associated with a complex profile of dsRNAs, presumably of (multiple) viral origin(More)
In the faceless world of the Internet, online fraud is one of the greatest reasons of loss for web merchants. Advanced solutions are needed to protect e-businesses from the constant problems of fraud. Many popular fraud detection algorithms require supervised training, which needs human intervention to prepare training cases. Since it is quite often for an(More)
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