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Age related changes in the time courses of response of plasma corticosterone and aldosterone to exogenously applied ACTH were simultaneously studied in old (female and male) Long-Evans rats and compared to both young and adult pentobarbitone-anesthetized and dexamethasone-pretreated control rats. Acute intravenous injection of either 0.5 or 50.0 ng ACTH(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of sunscreen contact allergy and/or contact photoallergy in 370 patients with suspected photodermatitis. Patch and photopatch tests were performed using the French Society of Photodermatology (SFPD) standard series. A total of 57 cases of contact allergy and/or photocontact allergy to sunscreens were(More)
Age-related changes in aldosterone response of the adrenal cortex to exogenous angiotensin II were studied in old compared to adult Long-Evans female rats. All animals were pretreated with dexamethasone and captopril and anesthetized with pentobarbital. Continuous infusion of angiotensin II (20 and 300 ng/min per 100 g body weight) for 20 and 30 min(More)
Age-related changes in plasma adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), corticosterone, and aldosterone responses to exogenous corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) were studied concomitantly in both old and adult Long-Evans female rats. All animals were pretreated with dexamethasone and pentobarbital anesthetized. An acute intravenous injection of 1 micrograms(More)
Age-related changes in plasma aldosterone and corticosterone concentrations as well as in plasma renin activity in response to 10 days of sodium deprivation were studied in old as compared to adult male Long-Evans rats. Chronic sodium deprivation greatly increased plasma concentrations of aldosterone both in old and in adult animals. However, this effect(More)
We report a clinical case of a 15-year-old boy who presented a photodistributed eruption after having used a sunscreen cream for 8 days. Photobiological testing showed a contact allergy to 3-(4' methylbenzylidene) camphor (Eusolex 6300) included in his sunscreen cream associated with a contact and photocontact allergy to 4-isopropyl-dibenzoylmethane(More)
The effects of aging on the secretion of and renal sensitivity to atrial natriuretic factor (ANF) were studied concomitantly in both senescent (25- to 34-month-old) and in adult (7- to 13 month-old) female and male Long-Evans rats. The plasma concentrations of ANF, measured in response to either a mild stimulation induced by a hypertonic volume expansion(More)
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