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In this paper we investigate the problem of determining rational parametrizations of plane algebraic curves over an algebraic extension of least degree over the field of definition. This problem reduces to the problem of finding simple points with coordinates in the field of definition on algebraic curves of genus 0. Consequently we are also able to decide(More)
A rational parametrization of an algebraic curve establishes a rational correspondence of this curve with the affine or projective line. This correspondence is a birational equivalence if the parametrization is proper. So, intuitively speaking, a rational parametrization determines a linear tracing of the curve, when the parameter takes values in the(More)
It is well known that an irreducible algebraic curve is rational (i.e. parametric) if and only if its genus is zero. In this paper, given a tolerance ǫ > 0 and an ǫ-irreducible algebraic affine plane curve C of proper degree d, we introduce the notion of ǫ-rationality, and we provide an algorithm to parametrize approximately affine ǫ-rational plane curves,(More)
We study conchoids to algebraic curve from the perspective of algebraic geometry, analyzing their main algebraic properties. We introduce the formal definition of conchoid of an algebraic curve by means of incidence diagrams. We prove that, with the exception of a circle centered at the focus and taking d as its radius, the conchoid is an algebraic curve(More)
We introduce the notion of radical parametrization of a surface, and we provide algorithms to compute such type of parametrizations for families of surfaces, like: Fermat surfaces, surfaces with a high multiplicity (at least the degree minus 4) singularity, all irreducible surfaces of degree at most 5, all irreducible singular surfaces of degree 6, and(More)