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A method for homogenization of an elastic composite with periodic microstructure is presented, focusing on the Floquet-type elastic waves. The resulting homogenized frequency-dependent elasticity and mass density then automatically satisfy the overall conservation laws and by necessity produce the exact dispersion relations. It is also shown that the(More)
the Doctoral Committee members (all six of them present!). for 31 years (1974-2005), and who duly served this great public institution with affection. In remembering Dr. Brown, I take as my epitaph the meaning of " Outliers " from the book by Malcom Gladwell titled Outliers: The Story of Success (2008). Gladwell holds that: " Outliers " —a noun, has two(More)
An axi{symmetric problem for a penny{shaped crack bridged by bres is considered. The study is reduced to the analysis of a hy-persingular integral equation with respect to the relative crack{face separation over a circular domain occupied by crack. The special case of a large crack subjected to Mode{I loading is examined. A matched asymptotic expansions(More)
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