J. R. V. Lira

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Surge arresters are equipments used for the power electrical systems protection. They limit the voltage level during the occurrence of switching and atmospheric surges. A surge arrester failure can cause the equipments insulation breakdown or flashover, or even the surge arrester explosion. To avoid this problem, the maintenance of these equipments is made(More)
In the fabrication process of thermo-resistive sensors, the dynamic response of a sensor is a very important feature to be noted. The dynamic characterization of a sensor reflects his electric performance when submitted to power variations. By measuring these power variations, it is possible to evaluate some of the sensor's thermoelectric properties, and so(More)
This paper proposes a real-time wavelet-based fault detection as well as a real-time analysis of voltage sag/swell due to faults in a grid-connected photovoltaic system, which is the first step for a wavelet-based islanding protection. The spectral energy of the voltage is decomposed in scaling coefficient energy and wavelet coefficient energy. The(More)
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