J. R. Tucker

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The scanning tunneling microscope has been used to desorb hydrogen from hydrogen-terminated silicon (100) surfaces. As a result of control of the dose of incident electrons, a countable number of desorption sites can be created and the yield and cross section are thereby obtained. Two distinct desorption mechanisms are observed: (i) direct electronic(More)
A PtSi source/drain p-MOSFET fabricated to a /spl sim/40 nm channel length with 34 /spl Aring/ gate oxide yields a current drive of 325 /spl mu/A//spl mu/m at 1.75 V by gate-induced field emission. Likewise, a 27 nm-long device with 19 /spl Aring/ oxide yields 196 /spl mu/A//spl mu/m at 1.0 V. CV/I delay times extend the scaling trends of conventional(More)
288 Ó WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH, D-69469 Weinheim, 2000 0935-9648/00/0402-0288 $ 17.50+.50/0 Adv. Mater. 2000, 12, No. 4 riers in the 6T wire. Holes are trapped by defects in the crystal, which reduces the number of mobile carriers and hinders the movement of untrapped positive-charge carriers. Charge trapping can be reversed, however, by applying a(More)
We report on the first measurement of the liquid flow rate utilizing the variation in junction voltage across a laser due to the self-mixing effect. A packaged single-mode VCSEL with integrated photodiode is used as the self-mixing sensor. Signal was acquired from both the photodiode and the laser junction voltage. With appropriate signal processing, both(More)
We examine the subthreshold behavior of metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors (MOSFETs) with Schottky barrier (SB) source/drain and large on/off ratios. Thermionic emission dominates the drain current versus gate voltage curves and the sharp turn on is attributed to a decrease in the effective hole barrier with gate bias. We present a simple 1D(More)
Ga-acceptor nanowires were embedded in crystalline Si using focused-ion beams. The dc current-voltage characteristics of these wires after annealing are highly nonlinear at low temperatures, and a threshold voltage of less than 50 mV is observed independent of Ga dosage and implant beam overlap. These features suggest a Coulomb blockade transport mechanism(More)
In this work we propose a massively parallel self-mixing imaging system, based on an array of VCSELs, to measure surface profiles of displacement, distance, velocity and liquid flow rate. The feasibility of this concept is demonstrated by the successful operation of a small scale prototype consisting of eight individual commercial VCSELs with integrated(More)