J. R. Silva

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The high-output pathway of nitric oxide production helps protect mice from infection by several pathogens, including Mycobacterium tuberculosis. However, based on studies of cells cultured from blood, it is controversial whether human mononuclear phagocytes can express the corresponding inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS;NOS2). The present study examined(More)
This report examines the effect of an anti-VLA-4 monoclonal antibody (mAb) HP1/2 on antigen-induced bronchial hyperreactivity to methacholine, and on eosinophil and T lymphocyte infiltration in the airways of guinea pigs sensitized and challenged by aerosolized ovalbumin and used 24 h thereafter. The intravenous administration of 2.5 mg/kg of HP1/2, but not(More)
INTRODUCTION Community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) requiring intensive care unit (ICU) admission remains a severe medical condition, presenting ICU mortality rates reaching 30%. The aim of this study was to assess the value of different patterns of C-reactive protein (CRP)-ratio response to antibiotic therapy in patients with severe CAP requiring ICU admission(More)
Global control of tuberculosis is increasingly dependent on rapid and accurate genetic typing of Mycobacteriumtuberculosis. Spoligotyping is a first-line genotypic fingerprinting method for M.tuberculosis isolates. An international online database (SpolDB4) of spoligotype patterns has been established wherein a clustered pattern (shared by ≥2 isolates) is(More)
We analyzed the effects of different administration routes and application times of the BCG-Moreau strain on airway and lung inflammation and remodeling in a murine model of allergic asthma. BALB/c mice (n=168) were divided into two groups. The first group received BCG-Moreau strain while the second group received saline using the same protocol. BCG or(More)
BACKGROUND Silicosis is an occupational disease for which no effective treatment is currently known. Systemic administration of bone marrow-derived mononuclear cells (BMDMCs) has shown to be safe in lung diseases. However, so far, no studies have analyzed whether bronchoscopic instillation of autologous BMDMCs is a safe route of administration in patients(More)
Tumor specimens are often preserved as formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue blocks, the most common clinical source for DNA sequencing. Herein, we evaluated the effect of pre-sequencing parameters to guide proper sample selection for targeted gene sequencing. Data from 113 FFPE lung tumor specimens were collected, and targeted gene sequencing was(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the required number of public beds for adults in intensive care units in the state of Rio de Janeiro to meet the existing demand and compare results with recommendations by the Brazilian Ministry of Health. METHODS The study uses a hybrid model combining time series and queuing theory to predict the demand and estimate the number of(More)
BACKGROUND Since the first articles published for over 10 years ago, endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) has gained a strong scientific backing and has been incorporated into routine medical practice in pulmonology and thoracic surgery centers. How is EBUS performing outside the scientific environment, as a diagnostic and mediastinal staging tool in a subset of(More)