J. R. Razo-Hernandez

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Online monitoring of rotary machines, like induction motors, can effectively diagnosis electrical and mechanical faults. The origin of most recurrent faults in rotary machines is in the components: bearings, stator, rotor and others. Different methodologies based on current and vibration monitoring have been proposed using FFT and wavelet analysis for(More)
Over the past few years, power quality (PQ) monitoring has become an important topic because of the negative impact of different machines to the electrical network and to the susceptibility of critical equipment. There are different disturbances that affect the PQ; therefore, in order to apply a proper solution, these have to be correctly detected and(More)
Time synchronization (TS) represents an important necessity for many industries in fields such as communications, manufacturing, and power systems related to electrical networks, microgrids, and renewable energies, among others, because it can ensure that cooperating processes or systems can interoperate correctly; further, the scheduling of specific tasks(More)
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