J R Perttunen

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Foot loading patterns and neuromuscular function of both limbs during walking were investigated on 25 patients with limb length discrepancy. Plantar pressures and 2-D ground reaction forces were recorded simultaneously with electromyographic activities at two different walking speeds. Bilateral comparison indicated that moderate limb length discrepancies(More)
Gait patterns of the preferred speed were investigated on 17 patients recovering (9 months-14 years) after reconstruction of severe tibial fractures. A novel data-acquisition system was used to record the plantar pressures as well as electromyographic (EMG) activities during walking. The results indicated incomplete recovery of symmetrical gait patterns. In(More)
Walking patterns after reconstruction of soft tissue defects of the sole of the foot with free flap were studied in seven patients. Measurements included walking technique, ground reaction forces and electromyographic (EMG) activity during the gait cycle. The results showed that only one patient walked symmetrically; the remaining six had many differences(More)
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