J R Pemberton

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A series of 252 isolated aortic homograft valves in 248 patients have been followed for 9 to 16.5 years (mean 10.8). The valves were sterilized in antibiotic solution and stored in a nutrient medium at 4 degrees C and were nonvital. There were 15 in-hospital deaths (6%) and a mortality of 2.7% in patients undergoing an elective first operation. Actuarial(More)
The surgical results of left ventricular aneurysmectomy have been examined in 145 patients during a 13 year period. In 113 patients (78%) coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) was also undertaken. There were 22 hospital deaths (15%) and 44 late deaths (30%). Stepwise, multiple regression analyses were used to examine many variables and to establish risk(More)
A method of inactivating mycoplasma contaminants in sera by using binary ethyleneimine was tried. When used at the concentration recommended for inactivating viruses, 0.001 M, binary ethyleneimine inactivated only two of five mycoplasma species. Even at a concentration of 0.01 M, the compound did not consistently inactivate all mycoplasmas.
A flameless atomic absorption method was developed for the determination of mercurial preservatives in biologicals. The assay was based on a quantitative determination of the mercury content of these preservatives. This method was used to analyze a variety of samples and yielded reproducible results with satisfactory recoveries. The procedure is presented(More)