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Many developments have taken place within dataflow programming languages in the past decade. In particular, there has been a great deal of activity and advancement in the field of dataflow visual programming languages. The motivation for this article is to review the content of these recent developments and how they came about. It is supported by an initial(More)
It is difficult to be against accountability for public schools. Schools are creatures of state and local government, with all the associated expectations of performance and oversight. The importance of education for individuals and for society is unassailable. But many believe that U.S. schools are not contributing as much as they could and are not(More)
achievement tests as a direct measure of human capital. In the end, although this is a smaller and thinner body of work than the broader topic related to education in general, I think it is fundamental to much of the rest of the literature. Focusing on achievement rather than school attainment has several advantages in discussing the interaction of research(More)
This paper tests the hypothesis that it is possible to build a generic Behavioural Animation system. The paper outlines the four models that form the key elements of a Behavioural Animation system, and a proposed generic structure for the Behavioural Component. Three implementations, all of which follow this structure but which differ in implementation(More)
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Our goal with conferences such as this one is to open up. .. dialogue to achieve an effective delivery of education to all of our children—and, by doing so, to build innovation and prosperity for new generations. "