J. R. Marciante

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—A new circuit technique, the distributed waveform generator (DWG), is proposed for low-power ultra-wideband pulse generation, shaping and modulation. It time-interleaves multiple impulse generators, and uses distributed circuit techniques to combine generated wideband impulses. Built-in pulse shaping can be realized by programming the delay and amplitude(More)
— A distributed waveform generator is presented for sub-nanosecond pulse generation in UWB impulse radios. It time-interleaves multiple digital pulse generators, and uses an on-chip transmission line for wideband pulse combining. Compared to other UWB pulse generation and shaping solutions, it is low power and fully reconfigurable. A 10-tap, 10GS/s(More)
— A distributed transversal filter (DTF) is a good candidate for ultrafast pulse shaping in wideband systems like UWB. This paper presents the circuit analysis of DTFs based on transmission line theory. We also show the detailed design procedure of DTFs. A 5-tap prototype DTF is designed and fabricated using microwave PCB substrate and pHEMT discrete(More)
—A new PIN photodiode (PD) structure with deep n-well (DNW) fabricated in an epitaxial substrate complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (epi-CMOS) process is presented. The DNW buried inside the epitaxial layer intensifies the electric field deep inside the epi-layer significantly, and helps the electrons generated inside the epi-layer to drift faster to(More)
An all-fiber optical magnetic field sensor is demonstrated. It consists of a fiber Faraday rotator and a fiber polarizer. The fiber Faraday rotator uses a 2-cm-long section of 56-wt.%-terbium-doped silicate fiber with a Verdet constant of -24.5 rad/(Tm) at 1053 nm. The fiber polarizer is Corning SP1060 single-polarization fiber. The sensor has a sensitivity(More)
— A distributed waveform generator (DWG) with DAC-assisted pulse generators is presented for the ultrafast waveform generation. It time-interleaves multiple pulse generators , and uses an on-chip transmission line for wideband pulse combining. Each unit pulse generator adopts a new current-steering topology which incorporates the edge combiner into the(More)
— In this paper, we introduce binary-weighted digital control into the gain cell design of a distributed transversal filter (DTF) to demonstrate the benefits of digitally-assisted RF circuits. By effectively integrating a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) into the gain cell, the new design can improve gain cell's linearity and hence DTF's dynamic range. A(More)
Acknowledgments I would like to acknowledge the assistance given to me in conducting this research. Steven Gillmer was instrumental in assisting with experiments as well as designing a prototype interferometer. Chen Wang developed a phase meter that was vital to this research. The rest of the Precision Instrumentation Group were also invaluable. Finally,(More)