J. R. Harris

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A system of DNA "tiles" that is designed to assemble to form two-dimensional arrays is observed to form narrow ribbons several micrometers in length. The uniform width of the ribbons and lack of frayed edges lead us to propose that they are arrays that have curled and closed on themselves to form tubes. This proposal is confirmed by the observation of tubes(More)
The importance of internal hydrogen bonding in a series of benzothiadiazine and 1,4-benzothiazine NS5b inhibitors has been explored. Computational analysis has been used to compare the protonated vs. anionic forms of each series and we demonstrate that activity against HCV NS5b polymerase is best explained using the anionic forms. The syntheses and(More)
The cyclization of gamma,delta-unsaturated tertiary hydroperoxides in the presence of a palladium(II) catalyst afforded 1,2-dioxanes resembling biologically active natural products. A variety of substrates were screened, and synthetic manipulations were accomplished to construct compounds with structural similarity to antimalarial targets.