J. R. Gispert

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OBJECTIVE Food intake is regulated by factors that modulate caloric requirements as well as food's reinforcing properties. In this study, we measured brain glucose utilization to an olfactory stimulus (bacon scent), and we examined the role of food restriction and genetic predisposition to obesity on such brain metabolic activity. METHODS Zucker obese(More)
A non-pharmacological method to reduce anxiety is "progressive relaxation" (PR). The aim of the method is to reduce mental stress and associated mental processes by means of progressive suppression of muscle tension. The study was addressed to evaluate changes in brain glucose metabolism induced by PR in patients under a stressing state generated by a(More)
The effect on productive and vegetative behavior and on the quality of oil from Olea europaea L. when applying two distinct irrigation techniques, full irrigation (FI) and regulated deficit irrigation (RDI), was studied. A total of five wet soil volumes (WSVs, 12, 24, 35, 47 and 59%) expressed in terms of the potential root exploration volume were(More)
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