J. R. Gerbasi

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Sera from patients who had received renal allografts were studied for the presence of circulating immune complexes by using platelet aggregation technique combined with density gradient centrifugation. A simple and highly reproducible modification of the platelet aggregation technique, employing the use of relatively small amounts of blood from pretested(More)
The clinical tolerance and pharmacokinetics of cyclosporine during a prolonged intermittent intravenous infusion (3.5 mg/kg/day three times) followed by an 8 mg/kg daily oral dose was evaluated in eight renal transplant recipients in the immediate postoperative period. Cyclosporine was analyzed from whole blood samples by HPLC. Despite peak drug(More)
In this study, the utility of the cytomegalovirus antigen (CMV-AG) and the shell vial (SV) tests in the diagnosis and monitoring of posttransplant CMV infection were compared. Previous retrospective studies from the authors' center suggested that the CMV-AG test, which uses monoclonal antibodies to detect viral antigen in circulating peripheral blood(More)
By means of double diffusion in gel reactions, "heterophile" antibodies were demonstrated in human renal transplantation sera. Of thirty-two recipients of renal allografts, 12 (37 per cent) had antibodies to extract of bovine erythrocyte stromata, and 5 (19 per cent) of 26 recipients produced antibodies to extract of sheep erythrocyte stromata. These(More)
A case of a pre-aortic left renal vein compression by the aorta is reported. The clinical presentation was characterized by the left flank pain varying with body position. Renal venography was crucial for the diagnosis of this lesion. The left renal vein was successfully decompressed by ovarian vein-vena cava shunt surgery. The patient's left flank pain(More)
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