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OBJECTIVE To document the adult adjustment of survivors of childhood institutional abuse. METHOD Two hundred and forty-seven adult survivors of institutional abuse with a mean age of 60 were interviewed with a protocol that included the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire, modules from the Structured Clinical Interview for Axis I Disorders of DSM IV and the(More)
A more restricted definition of a PLA folding is introduced, which is called bipartite folding. The additional constraints of a bipartite folding force the resulting PLA to have a more uniform structure. This structure of a column bipartite folding is then exploited when subsequently folding the rows of the PLA. A column bipartite folding creates fewer(More)
There has been tremendous progress in reducing disability and death from ACS. But many patients still die before reaching the hospital because patients and family members fail to recognize the signs of ACS and fail to activate the EMS system. Once the patient with ACS contacts the healthcare system, providers must focus on support of cardiorespiratory(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare clinical assessment of cardiac performance with an invasive method of haemodynamic monitoring. DESIGN AND SETTING Prospective observational study in a 16-bed tertiary paediatric intensive care unit. PATIENTS AND PARTICIPANTS Infants and children undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass and surgical repair of congenital heart lesions. (More)
PURPOSE To redress the paucity of studies evaluating non-invasive respiratory support in bronchiolitis patients. METHODS Following ethics committee approval, the clinical database of a tertiary 23-bed paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) was reviewed for bronchiolitis admissions from January 2000 to December 2009. Length of stay (LOS), ventilatory(More)
Cardiac surgery is performed in approximately 770,000 adults and 30,000 children in the United States of America annually. In this review we outline the mechanistic links between post-operative myocardial stunning and the development of myocardial edema. These interrelated processes cause a decline in myocardial performance that account for significant(More)
Water accumulation in the heart is important in ischemia-reperfusion injury and operations performed by using cardiopulmonary bypass, with cardiac dysfunction associated with myocardial edema being the principal determinant of clinical outcome. As an initial step in determining the role of aquaporin (AQP) water channels in myocardial edema, we have assessed(More)
We tested the hypothesis that sensitization to heroin enhances appetitive motivational processes involving food reward. In Experiment 1, sixteen rats were exposed to positive pairings of a light stimulus and food for 4 consecutive daily sessions. Then, the rats received either saline or heroin (2 mg/kg) injections before placement in activity monitors for 9(More)
This was a retrospective observational study in a pediatric intensive care unit, in which 19 patients received levosimendan. There were no adverse events attributable to levosimendan and no instances where the clinical condition worsened after administration. Arterial lactate levels decreased significantly following levosimendan administration during(More)