J R De Foe

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The mass media have long been criticized, particularly on the issue of youth and morality. Attempts to intervene with media executives to change the messages are a familiar accompaniment of the criticism. A specific issue is the presentation on television of incidents involving youth and drinking. Numerous relevant scenes, taken from field notes on(More)
Cases of drinking and driving on U.S. prime-time television programs over an eight-year period are described and analyzed. They are also judged according to criteria developed within the industry. Some stories are rated as consonant with public health education, some are not. Central criteria for analysis involve the portrayed consequences of DWI, the way(More)
Television programs contain materials relevant to health practices generally, and to drinking problems in particular. Research has found that these materials are often inaccurate and misleading. A method called cooperative consultation has succeeded in transmitting these findings to writers and producers in the industry. The response from the industry has(More)
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