J. R. Bossa

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In tropical ecosystems trees have the potential to supply nutrients essential to crops. Leucaena [Leucaena leucocephala (Lam) De Wit] leaf decomposition experiments were established at three sites in Haiti representing diverse soil types to assess the potential of leucaena leaves to supply P and K to crops and to determine their pattern of release. Mesh(More)
Context. The study of the chemical reactivity in interstellar ices in astrophysical environments is an important tool for understanding the origin of the organic matter in molecular clouds, in protoplanetary disks, and possibly, as a final destination, in our solar system. The laboratory simulations of the reactivity in ice analogs provide important(More)
Few P and K fertility studies have been conducted on Haitian soils. Alley cropping is promoted in Haiti but has not been studied in relation to P and K fertility. The effects of P and K fertilizer and leucaena (Leucaena leucocephala (Lam) De Witt) pruning mulch applications on corn (Zea mays L.) were assessed in field experiments on Rhodudalfs over(More)
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